issue one:

White Elephant

Comic book and companion app to change the way we look at wildlife.

Comic Book:

Journey with an elephant across a sea of sand ― an e-book and a limited edition print that comes to life with its companion app.

Who's WE?

White Elephant is first in a series of scenes in wildlife art by Animat Habitat to inspire support for the conservation of endangered species and their natural habitats.

Companion App:

Bring comic book pages to life with our app that features an augmented reality version of White Elephant, plus a standalone animated version mastered uniquely for iOS.

What's AR?

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive medium that lets you explore digital scenes with a smartphone in world-space.

Project Updates:

Journey with an elephant across a sea of sand ― an interactive illustration, coming soon.

White Elephant ― n., from the story of the kings of Siam, “a possession of value that is useless and bizarre, too.”

About wildlife projects on the ground: cōnservatūm.


About the art of animating wildlife: studium.

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