issue one:


28 pages. Created in Canada.
Language: En

Journey with an elephant across a sea of sand ― an e-book and a limited edition print that comes to life with its companion app. White Elephant, the comic book and app, is first in a series of multimedia art projects by Animat Habitat. The art, code and music of White Elephant helps change the way our generation looks at wildlife, and save elephants for the next; for elephants, for everyone ― we journey on.


Art: Dane Aleksander

Code: Mai El-Awini

Music: Brianna Clarke

Digital Publication

Publication Date: March 2018

Price: CA$8

Full Color Printed Edition

Publication Date: March 2018

Price: CA$40 incl. shipping

issue zero:

WHITE RHINO Oil Painting

30 by 10 in. Created in Canada.

White Rhino is an oil painting ― a founding study of wildlife for Animat Habitat that sets a serene African landscape in dynamic contrast with an impending future for the northern white rhinoceros, with the goal of raising a conversation about the role we want to play in shaping the world we want to live in.


Art: Dane Aleksander

Oil Painting

Show Date: April 2007

Find wildlife projects on the ground: conservation.


The art of animating wildlife: studium.

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