White Elephant: Beta


Before anyone runs from tech talk and words like beta app, there are fifty invites for early supporters who get behind the scenes in wildlife art, to take part in a beta group that sees and reviews the comic book and app before its release.

So, what’s a beta!? If you don’t know, again don’t run away just yet. Sharing the app with a broad demographic will help to gather a range of feedback. This beta group will be an integral part of our development team near the end of a long journey. The standalone comic book feature of the companion app will come to a point where pages are ready to share. This presents an opportunity to invite a focus group to preview the art and story before it’s ready for the world to see, to beta test the app and provide constructive feedback, to help make a better experience for everyone who sees the project later on. So, we welcome you to join the beta team while invites last.

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