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In terms hereunder any article, graphic, motion graphic, picture, motion picture, image, video, audio, related project resource or digital representation of the material, with reference to each individual asset as well as to the project as a whole, (Art) produced by any original author (Artist) and showcased on any domain name space managed at Animat Habitat (OAFA), which include the official website(s) of the organization [animathabitat.com and animathabitat.org] as well as the portfolio and project website(s) of the founder of the organization, Dane Aleksander [bigtuskers.com, danealeksander.ca, lifeasplay.ca and periwinkle.blue]; and, the individual who, or organization on whose behalf, has browsed OAFA, or who has received express permission from Artist to exercise use of copyrighted material (You).

In the interpretation of these terms and conditions, words in the singular may include the plural and vice-versa.


Terms of Access

  • You may use or reference Art in any form of presentation publicly accessible through the World Wide Web only in accordance with, and by using or downloading any Art you agree to, these terms and conditions:

a. You must credit the full name of the Artist as well as include the valid back-link to OAFA on every page where Art is on display;

b. the credit must be placed in an easy-to-see, recognizable place, so there is no confusion about the original author of Art;

c. there must be no implication in any way that You and not Artist is the original author of Art;

d. ownership of Art is not transfered, and remains property of Artist.

1.1 Restrictions

a. You may not alter, crop, modify, manipulate or create derivative works of Art; all Art must be used as is;

b. You may not sell, (re)distribute, license, lease, assign, convey or transfer Art;

c. You may not incorporate Art into a logo, icon, trademark or other service mark;

d. You may not use Art for unlawful or immoral purposes, for spreading hate or discrimination.

1.2 Limitations of Liability

a. OAFA will not be held responsible for any outcome that may occur during the course of usage of Art;

b. anyone found guilty of copying, modifying, stealing, reselling, or distributing Art may be liable to legal action;

c. third-party website(s) that are accessible by way of a link on OAFA are not under the control of OAFA; OAFA is not responsible for the content of any linked website(s) or any link contained in any linked website(s), or any change or update to the information contained in such website(s); links are provided only as a convenience and the inclusion of any such link on OAFA does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the website, the organization operating such website, nor any product or service of that organization; You linking to any third party website(s) is entirely at your own risk.

Terms of Copyright

  • Please note that OAFA web pages may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed. Unless otherwise stated, OAFA reserves the copyrights and ownership rights of all Art uploaded to, and downloaded from, OAFA.

Terms of Purchase

Terms of Use

  • The official website(s) of the organization and the portfolio and project website(s) of Dane Aleksander share a standard policy for data use: Terms of Use.


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Terms may be updated without notice at the discretion of OAFA. Access to OAFA is permitted on a temporary basis; access to part or all of OAFA may for any reason at any time or for any period be protected, restricted or revoked.